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About the atelier

Yaara Mann, 37 years old,  is a designer based in Tel-Aviv, graduating from the Shenkar College of Design in 2008. Specializing in wedding and evening dresses, Yaara creates unique, made-to-measure dresses. Each piece from her current collection can also be bought or rented.

As a designer, Yaara derives great inspiration from her childhood spent in Paris as well as from each individual woman for whom she creates a garment.
In that way, the wedding dress stays loyal to the character, the needs and the comfort of each customer and becomes a real collaboration between Yaara and her client.
For that reason, the designer attaches great importance to the first few meetings, key moments, where a relationship of trust is created.

Hence, at the beginning of the designing process, Yaara gets to know her client, her needs, her tastes and what she would like to express during the event.
During the second step, Yaara offers a few sketches and different options. Her and her bride-to-be then decide together on the fabrics, the colors and everything else necessary for creating the gown.
The third step is the manufacturing of the wedding dress. All dresses are hand-sown in Israel by the designer’s team of qualified seamstresses, trained in haute couture and accomplished in very precise and meticulous sewing.

Yaara then accompanies her client during fittings and until final completion of the wedding gown. Throughout this stage, she provides her with understanding support and advice.

Aware that a wedding or evening dress for an important event is crucial and can be a source of anxiety, the designer’s ultimate aim is to make sure her client enjoys the entire dressmaking process from the first meetings to the day of the event itself.

For sale also in Paris at: "Pandore Paris".

For a meeting with the designer in the Tel-Aviv atelier
please call: 058-7798677

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