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I love my curves

My motto during the designing process is a complete collaboration with the bride. My objective is for the bride to feel comfortable with her body, no matter what size she wears.

I believe that a designer must design dresses that fit the brides and not the opposite.

That is why I have decided to set up this production; in order to raise the awareness that we are all different, and to supply the needs of each and every one of us, so that we will be able to be pride and happy with our body, and to look our best.

It’s a unique and high quality production, which will include a professional video photographer, a makeup and hair stylist. But this time, the models will be my brides and the wedding gowns will be my creations.

The goal is to encourage women to accept their body without complexes or to be forced to compromise, but to enable them to enjoy who they really are.

Now it’s the time to change attitude if you want to participate, please contact me.



Photography: Tzuria Wilf

Mua: Mytal Almakayes

hair design: Noam Bushlin


Efrat Weinreb, Noemie Regalado, Hen Besso, Noam Bushlin

shoes: Disco Rosso

interior design : Sandra Haliva

Heading 3

 Wedding gowns hand maded with the color of your choice

designed by Yaara Mann

Photography: 35 mm

Mua: rona ben ezra

hair: shoshi ofir


lee zohar

danna kushnir

dean zilberstein - TLV Agency

location: the blue house, binyamina

head piece: tami bar-lev

 Wedding gowns  designed by Yaara Mann


Photography: Rubi Aharon

Hair: Shaked Braids

Mua: Lipaz Danino

models: Gabrielle Elbaz, Yuval Hamoy

Location: Atnachta kala

art: and flowers: Pic a flower

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